Hofer Hagan LLP

A Business and Consumer Law Firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

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Practice Areas

Since 2017,  our primary practice area is business debt defense, including court defense of businesses in suits brought by their lender. We also do debt workouts and settlement negotiations for businesses which have not been sued yet or which have already had suits go to judgment.  We pride ourselves in delivering value in every case and making legal services affordable to the smallest business.  We have successfully defended businesses in cases over $2.0 million. 

Our second most common practice area is consumer debt defense, especially in medical collection and student loan (private student loan) collection cases.  We also handle auto deficiency cases, where a car lender sues a car buyer for the balance due on a loan after repossession.  

In addition, we handle most types of Consumer Law matters including Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Identity Theft, and Wrongful Repossessions.